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  • down tempo,chillout,nu soul




Good Soulful-House and excellent BrokenBeat are not produced exclusively in the UK or US...
 Indeed, we are glad to introduce a very young label of electronic music based in France to you:  MANYVIBES MUSIC.
In addition to our original musical productions in studio, we do perform live shows with a band including a DJ, a keyboardist-vocalist, a saxophonist and several guest singers.


Basically, it is an eclectic label which aims at exploring several musical styles and at avoiding to stay in a  'one-and-only' sound atmosphere.
Our priorities are: high musical quality, musical research, smart and elaborate rhythms, well-worked out rhythmic patterns, various and sophisticated harmonies, modern sounds.
In a nutshell: MANYVIBES aims at open-mindedness, just like its composers who have a wide occidental musical background : we perceive many influences from JAZZ to BROKEN BEAT, from FUNK to HOUSE, also including  SOUL or LATINA.
MANYVIBES MUSIC is an ingenious synthesis of all these musics in order to create a special universe which builds a strong identity, with fresh harmonies and original melodies.
Moreover, MANYVIBES MUSIC is a label of professional musicians with significant background in the field of Music Production.



 Nothing can stop these two Music-addicts who delight in pushing back geographical and stylistic boundaries. MANYVIBES represents an interesting mix of electronic genres, but it is also a fertile human combination:  one founder of label is French, the other is Russian. We also welcome participants from England, Slovakia and Maghreb. MANYVIBES produces its original compositions thanks to collaborations with performers from all backgrounds, like recently with the great California singer Erik Rico, or other various collaborations with musicians from the jazz scene.

  If music of quality is your focus, then take a good time listening to the original productions and remixes of the young  MANYVIBES MUSIC label.


And if you have some difficulties to listen to the sound clips, please update your Adobe Flash Power on the official Adobe website.

                                           Thank you for your visit.