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Steppah Huntah - "Carrones"

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Композиция, аранжировка: Steppah Huntah :

Бас и программирование барабанов: Стивен Джойс Эймс

Клавишные, аранжировка духовых инструментов и микширование: Missoless aka Олеся Туркевич

Перкуссия: Филипп Монроз

Саксофоны, флейта, аранжировка духовых инструментов: Madsax  aka Фабрис Лауэр

Обложка: Седрик Пьеррат


About Steppah Huntah:

Spurred on by the way jazz, afrobeat and funk have influenced them, Steven J (Steven Wobblejay) aka Steven Joyce Ames and Oless-T (Missoless) aka Olessia Tourkevitch - the founders of the Steppah Huntah Band - have chosen to explore broken beat and nu jazz, which constitute the ideal ground for their experiences and research on sound and rhythm.
After the release in 2003 of a first maxi-single under the French label Soultronik, they released a second one, this time with the prestigious Compost Records label from Munich. It included a remix of Seiji (Bugz In The Attic) that contributed to make them more and more famous worldwide. Rainer Trüby, 4 Hero and many others used to include this disc in their playlists.
The "Steps Hunters" continue to go to the discovery of the universe of electronic music and they have collaborated with Jazzmin Records : many other tracks have been produced and some of them (like "Walk That Way") have been written with artists from Sonar Kollektiv (George Levin and Clara Hill). We can also mention a couple of interesting tracks, such as "I Don't Know" (including the remix by Mitsu The Beats), "Do it" (playlisted by Gilles Peterson), or even the album project under the name "REAL BANDIDOS" in collaboration with 'I Funk France' & LS Brigandes.

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